Cara Tanoto Foundation Supports Education in Kendal

Cara Tanoto Foundation Supports Education in Kendal

Cara Tanoto Foundation Supports Education in Kendal

The Tanoto Foundation is an independent philanthropic organization supported to advance the field of education in Indonesia since 1981.

Working closely with the government and partners, one of the Tanoto programs is in Kendal District, Central Java, schools, teachers, students to parents.

Haviez Gautama, Director of Communication at the Tanoto Foundation, told that in implementing the Tanoto Foundation program it was not CSR (corporate social responsibility).

“Our program is not CSR because it does not use company operational funds and is managed independently and separately from business activities,” he said.

Smart Program, is a program that teaches an education system that invites students to be active in discussions with parents at home or teachers.

Not only the lessons that discuss the discussion system, but the problem of damage to the school is also a material that discusses the discussion between the school and parents. This also answered the questions from the House of Representatives Commission X.

Program for Implementing Movers (POP)
Haviez Gautama explained, the Tanoto Foundation was chosen by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia to be one of the implementers of the Program for Mobilization Organizations (POP).

However, the Tanoto Foundation did not receive funding from the government and paid in full the Smart Mover Program with an investment of more than Rp50 billion for a two-year period (2020-2022).

“The selection process was carried out on 324 proposals from 260 CBOs, in which 183 proposals were selected from 156 CBOs,” he added.

Through the PINTAR Movers Program, the Tanoto Foundation will work to develop teaching capacity in 260 pilot schools (160 elementary schools and 100 junior high schools) in four districts, namely Kampar (Riau), Muaro Jambi (Jambi), Tegal (Central Java) and West Kutai (East Kalimantan).

“In Central Java in 2019 Tanoto has conducted a Smart program in Kendal Regency. And the results, now can be seen immediately, “he added.

Near 1 Million Students Access Free Ruangguru Online School

Near 1 Million Students Access Free Ruangguru Online School

Near 1 Million Students Access Free Ruangguru Online School

More than 1 million students use online training facilities through the Ruangguru Free Online School on Monday, March 16, 2020. Where Free Ruangguru Online School  is the beginning day for students to practice at home.

The training campaign at home is compatible with the guidance of the Head of State’s father Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and the local authorities in dealing with the health problems of Covid-19.

As a result, the Ruangguru application also topped level 1 Google Play Store from millions of applications in Indonesia – beating other well-known applications such as WhatsApp and TikTok.

“Millions of students whose learning routines do not run in schools throughout the Corona Virus health department want to entrust our practice modules. Hopefully we can then introduce solutions to more students, “said the initiator and Chief Chairman of Ruangguru,

Belva Devara, Wednesday (18 or 3 or 2020).

The Ruangguru Online School Initiative was also welcomed positively by students as young as their age. In fact Ruangguru has an Online School program. Yesterday, they were very enthusiastic in learning, because they didn’t need to look for modules themselves. The lesson agenda is also real so you can find out what you want to practice and if, “said Ratih, aged 1 and 5 elementary school students in Jakarta.


The Banyuwangi Regent and the Ordinary Chairperson of the All Indonesia Regency Ruling Federation (APKASI) Abdullah Azwar Anas also appreciated this Ruangguru initiative by appealing to Regency Governors in Indonesia to use the Ruangguru Free Online School.

“What Ruangguru is trying is not just a gimmick, Free Ruangguru Online School but an efficient method for conditioning children to always practice at home in the wisdom of transferring the place of learning at this time. Moreover, my own son also practiced at home with the Ruangguru application this morning, “Anas said.

Free Ruangguru Online School, Ruangguru’s form and effort in responding to the training challenges experienced by students in Indonesia in the midst of the health problems of COVID-19, provide remote distance training students online (live teaching) every Monday to Friday, such as school sort of prevalent, in the Ruangguru application.

Students can explore the upgrading of Ruangguru Free Online Schools from 08.00 – 12.00 WIB, where there will be 15 live teaching channels covering all subjects in accordance with the national curriculum, starting from category 1 elementary school to 12th grade high school (Natural Sciences and Social Sciences ), led by Ruangguru Teachers Experts.

Tips on Reducing the Radiation Impact of Gadget Screens from IPB Academics

Tips on Reducing the Radiation Impact of Gadget Screens from IPB Academics

Tips on Reducing the Radiation Impact of Gadget Screens from IPB Academics

This article has been aired on with the title “Tips to Reduce the Impact of Radiation Screen Gadgets from IPB Academics”,

The Covid-19 outbreak and the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) policy require more people to work with gadgets (gadgets), including students when studying at home. Conditions during the pademic have certainly resulted in an increase in the use of electronic devices, specifically some devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops or notebooks. The Directorate General of Electricity at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) noted that there has been an increase in household electricity consumption by 1-3 percent since there was an appeal to work from home or learn from home. Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, University of IPB Lilis Sucahyo said, exposure to screen radiation or monitors from electronic devices during activities could cause side effects. Also read: Defense University Open S1 Registration, Free Tuition While learning or working online is the best choice during a pandemic, there is also the effect of radiation exposed to daytime devices that also need attention. Behind the beauty of color and appearance on various devices, he continued, Light Emitting Diode (LED) screen technology, which is widely applied to various devices such as lights, televisions, computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, has negative effects such as blue rays (blue light radiation) )). “Some laptop users report that they feel sore when looking at the screen for a long time, tired eyes, dry eyes and refractive problems,” he said as quoted by the IPB page, Tuesday (05/05/2020).

This article was written on with the title “Tips to Reduce the Impact of Radiation Screen Gadgets from IPB Academics”

KJRI Kota Kinabalu Makes Outreach to Expand Education

KJRI Kota Kinabalu Makes Outreach to Expand Education

KJRI Kota Kinabalu Makes Outreach to Expand Education Services for Children of Indonesian Migrant Workers

The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) Kota Kinabalu is holding a Socialization of Education Services Providing for the Children of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) in Sabah. The event was held on December 17, 2019.

“Education is a mandate of the constitution. In addition, education is also a basic need as well as human rights for every child to achieve it, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender and citizenship,” said the Indonesian Consul General in Kota Kinabalu, Krishna Djelani when opening the event.

The socialization that carries the theme “Access to Education for PMI Children in Sabah” generally discussed the ins and outs of alternative education services through the Community Learning Center (CLC) for PMI children in Sabah. Thus as reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) through its official website quoted Thursday (12/26/2019).

The event was attended by no less than 100 representative participants from palm oil companies / companies in the Sabah region, by presenting speakers from the Sabah State Education Office (JPNS), SUHAKAM (Suruhanjaya Human Rights Malaysia) and EMPA (East Malaysia Plantation Association).

Beginning with a video screening of testimonials and thanks from a number of CLC alumni who are currently continuing their tertiary education in Indonesia, the socialization activity was officially opened by the Indonesian Consul General in Kota Kinabalu.

In his remarks, the Indonesian Consul General also expressed his high appreciation to all stakeholders, especially the field administrators who had provided excellent support and support in efforts to provide educational services for PMI children in Sabah.

“Without the support and cooperation and good collaboration from the companies / fields, it seems impossible education services for PMI children in the fields can be realized”, said Consul General Krishna.

Missing Over 2 Years, Teenagers in Germany Found in a Wardrobe

Missing Over 2 Years, Teenagers in Germany Found in a Wardrobe

Missing Over 2 Years, Teenagers in Germany Found in a Wardrobe

A teenager who has been missing for two and a half years has been found to be unhurt. He was found in a closet belonging to a child pornography suspect in western Germany.

Marvin K, a 15-year-old teenager, was found on Friday, December 20 during a police search in Recklinghausen, German state in North Rhine-Westphalia.

A spokesman for the German police told CNN that the teenager had been missing for two and a half years.

When found, he was still wearing the exact same clothes when he was reportedly missing.

The suspect is a child and a father
Police ransacked the home of a man, Lars H (44), who allegedly distributed photographs of child pornography.

“The officers found a boy in the cupboard. An investigation shows this is a 15-year-old teenager who has long been lost,” explained Recklinghausen police.

According to police, there was no indication that Marvin was being held in the apartment on his will. Marvin remains under police protection and has not been identified for legal reasons.

A police spokesman said Lars H and the man reported as his father (77) who were in the apartment at the time were arrested and taken by the police.

On Saturday 21 December, a judge granted a request from the public prosecutor’s office and issued a warrant for Lars H’s arrest for serious sexual violations. Meanwhile, his father was released from detention.

During the search, an electronic device which is a data storage unit was found by a trained police sniffer dog. Police said that the equipment is now being investigated. As quoted from CNN, Monday, December 23, 2019.

Back with Mother
DailyMail reported, a neighbor in Recklinghausen said that they did not see Marvin, only occasionally heard the cry of a man coming from the house.

His mother, Manuela (53), said, “He held me very tight and began to tremble.” Manuela also added that her son complained how tormented he could not get fresh air because he was locked in a closet for two and a half years.

Before his son was found, Manuela always said his child was dead or somewhere and could not contact him. The police also reported that they had prepared to surrender because they could not find Marvin.

Marvin disappeared after being taken to the nearest nursing home after his father’s death, and at that time he was 13 years old. He said goodbye to the caregiver before going to meet his friends on June 11, 2017 in the city center.

He sent the last WhatsApp message at 11.37 in the morning, before his phone was permanently turned off.

Tangkal Corona COVID-19, South Korea Provides Television Training Service for Students

Tangkal Corona COVID-19, South Korea Provides Television Training Service for Students

Tangkal Corona COVID-19, South Korea Provides Television Training Service for Students

With the current area of ​​practice being applied because of the Corona COVID-19 Virus endemic, television broadcasts are an inspiration that is no less good for young students in South Korea.

Starting April 20, 2020, students in categories 1 and 2 in primary schools want to explore the training instructions offered in television programs and leaflet modules, and not through direct online categories such as those applied to older students, the South Korean Learning Department said on April 5. 2020

The programs are said to be aired on the Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) which is regulated by the authorities.

The South Korean Ministry of Learning publishes the end of the month after part of the pledge, if the latest semester is about to start on April 9 with the online category.

The virtual category was to be attended by students from high school and high school seniors at the beginning, with younger students who were gradually exploring on April 16.

On April 20, those in categories 1, 2 and 3 in elementary school were announced to start their online category.

However, the South Korean Ministry of Learning makes the latest curriculum for category 1 and 2 students with younger alibis that cannot be focused on while leaning in front of a PC or intelligent features for up to 40 minutes on a duration, as taken from the Yonhap News Bureau , Sunday, (5 or 4 or 2020).

These young children want to welcome the bonus module from their school that is designed to help them write, paint, and count, not only to watch the broadcast from EBS.

The arrival of the students was also said to be judged by their teacher by using the opinion section in their online category room or reading notes with their old people.

Cheers Children Are Not Solely Schooling

Cheers Children Are Not Solely Schooling

Cheers Children Are Not Solely Schooling

A friend of mine who lives in Kalimantan complained about the quality of schools in his city, which for him was not good. “Do I need to send school children to Java?” he asked me. I asked, “Who will cheer up your son as long as he lives in Java?”

For many people, the child’s care is to put them in school. Good upgrading means putting children in a good school, also known as a favorite school. Until, parents are willing to leave their children to other places, so they create a good upgrading, another nickname creates a good school.

Is that something that is not good alternative? Not. It just raises a matter of responsibility for upgrading children. When our children are entrusted to others, then what is our role like parents in their education?

Upgrading the child is the responsibility of parents. I suspect no one is against this view. After that, what is the role of the school? School, for me, is just an institution that helps each parent cheerfully. The role of parents remains meaningful. Do not be narrowed down, as if the school plays a significant role, as a result parents can be free to hand when they put their children in school.

That is, if there is no good school, or the existing school is not soothing, parents actually have to fit the deficiency with their role. With that principle, until there are some adults who choose not to send their children to legal school, it is enough to take upgrading with the procedures for homeschooling.

I do not go through the procedure of homeschooling, but putting myself up like a movie star means upgrading children. In Regarding academic studies, I participated and immediately taught my children various lessons they could at school. I help children to understand better, when they are having difficulty understanding the material recommended at school. There is a part that I set right, when the concept that the teachers recommend for me is wrong. There is also a part that I add, make enrichment on the material that has been recommended.

That kind of thing should be tried by parents. If the school is enough to meet the wishes of our children, until we live to enrich it. But when we think schools do not meet, until we have to fulfill them. If necessary, we must take meaningful roles in teaching the academic modules.

Upgrading is certainly not just a matter of academic material. The subject matter is in fact only a very small part of our whole nursery section. More meaningful than that is the making of character, a kind of consistent and sturdy, orderly, clean, reluctant and noble to others, and similar. Some of that will, of course, we can expect to be fulfilled by the school. But once again, the most role in its formation must exist in parents.




1. PDF (Portable Document Format)
PDF (Portable Document Format)

The PDF format is widely known. This digital format of the book is also easily made with programs that you normally use. For example, by using Microsoft Office 2007. PDF file formats are also easily opened by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader or FoxIt Reader application.
But unfortunately, the text in some PDF file formats cannot change with the small screen size. For example, if the PDF format is opened using the Kindle, Sony Reader or iPhone. When forced, the reader must enlarge the display of a digital book or use scroll right and left to be able to read lines of text.

2. EPub (Electronic Publication)
EPub (Electronic Publication)

This format is the standard format used for digital books. Today, ePub is growing in popularity and has been supported by many devices. The ePub format can be opened with a variety of eReader devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Sony Reader and several other devices. In addition, the ePub format can also be opened on a variety of operating systems with the help of certain applications.
The advantages of this digital book format are its relatively small size and dynamic page display. This format is able to adjust to the screen size of the device that displays it and is equipped with a table of contents that makes it easy for readers to access.

3. DjVu

This digital format of the book is devoted to scanned documents. The advantage of the DjVu format is that it can store and display the results of scans with high resolution (300-400 DPI). In addition, the resulting file size is also relatively small even though it consists of many images in it. DjVu file size is even smaller than JPEG file format with the same quality.
To open files in DjVu format on a PC (Personal Computer) or eReader device, supporting applications such as the DjView, Ocular or Evince applications for Linux, VuDroid for Android, and Stanza for iPhone / iPad are needed.

BOS Fund Recipients and BOP PAUD Asked to Make RKAS Adjustments

BOS Fund Recipients and BOP PAUD Asked to Make RKAS Adjustments

BOS Fund Recipients and BOP PAUD Asked to Make RKAS Adjustments

Principals (principals) were asked to immediately adjust the use of BOS funds (school operational assistance) for honorary teachers and handling COVID-19.

This is in line with the issuance of technical guidelines (technical guidelines) for BOS funds and BOP (operational assistance for organizers) to help schools deal with emergencies due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For all education units receiving BOS and BOP PAUD and Equality Education immediately make adjustments to the School Activity and Budget Plan (RKAS),” said the Acting Director General of Early Childhood Education, Basic Education, and Secondary Education (Acting Director General of PAUD Dikdasdikmen) Ministry of Education and Culture Hamid Muhammad.

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He continued, for schools that have received BOS funds, please use it directly according to the RKAS that has been arranged by the school and approved by the service.

The RKAS adjustment refers to the Minister of Education and Culture (Permendikbud) Regulation No. 19 of 2020 concerning Amendments to the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation No. 8 of 2020 concerning Technical Instructions for Regular School Operational Assistance.

During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency status determination period established by the Central Government, schools can use the Regular BOS funds with several provisions.

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Article 9 states that the financing of power subscriptions and services can be used to purchase credit, data packages, and / or paid online education services for educators and / or students in the context of implementing learning from home.

Meanwhile, to finance the administration of school activities, it can be used to purchase hand sanitizers or soap, disinfectants, masks or other hygiene supports.

Principal of SMP Negeri 13 Semarang Nusantara, who was contacted separately, revealed that basically the new operational technical guidelines for BOS had been implemented. However, the obstacle is the purchase of credit.

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The archipelago hopes that Minister Nadiem will issue more detailed regulations on the mechanism of credit purchases and accountability.

“For the purchase of hand sanitizing liquid or soap, disinfectants, masks or other hygiene support, we have held it for a long time. Because, the accountability is easier. For those who need credit, we need detailed rules on the procurement mechanism,” explained Nusantara.

Permasalahan Pembelajaran di Indonesia

Permasalahan Pembelajaran di Indonesia

Permasalahan Pembelajaran di Indonesia

Permasalahan Pembelajaran di Indonesia Kerangka Balik Masalah

Mutu pembelajaran di Indonesia dikala ini amat memprihatinkan. PUSAT BOLA Ini dibuktikan antara lain dengan informasi UNESCO( 2000) mengenai tingkatan Indikator Pengembangan Orang( Human Development Index), ialah aransemen dari tingkatan pendapatan pembelajaran, kesehatan, serta pemasukan per kepala yang membuktikan, kalau indikator pengembangan orang Indonesia kian menyusut. Di antara 174 negeri di bumi, Indonesia menaiki antrean ke- 102( 1996), ke- 99( 1997), ke- 105( 1998), serta ke- 109( 1999).

Bagi survey Political and Economic Risk Consultant( PERC), mutu pembelajaran di Indonesia terletak pada antrean ke- 12 dari 12 negeri di Asia. Posisi Indonesia terletak di dasar Vietnam. Informasi yang dikabarkan The World Economic Forum Swedia( 2000), Indonesia mempunyai energi saing yang kecil, ialah cuma mendiami antrean ke- 37 dari 57 negeri yang disurvei di bumi. Serta sedang bagi survai dari badan yang serupa Indonesia cuma berpredikat bagaikan follower tidak bagaikan atasan teknologi dari 53 negeri di bumi.

Merambah era ke- 21 bumi pembelajaran di Indonesia jadi gempar. Kegemparan itu tidak diakibatkan oleh kebolehan kualitas pembelajaran nasional namun lebih banyak diakibatkan sebab pemahaman hendak ancaman keterbelakangan pembelajaran di Indonesia. Perasan ini diakibatkan sebab sebagian perihal yang pokok.

Salah satunya merupakan merambah era ke- 21 gelombang kesejagatan dialami kokoh serta terbuka. Kemajaun teknologi serta pergantian yang terjalin membagikan pemahaman terkini kalau Indonesia bukan lagi berdiri sendiri. Indonesia terletak di tengah- tengah bumi yang terkini, bumi terbuka alhasil orang leluasa menyamakan kehidupan dengan negeri lain.

Yang kita rasakan saat ini merupakan terdapatnya ketertinggalan didalam kualitas pembelajaran. Bagus pembelajaran resmi ataupun informal. Serta perolehan itu didapat sehabis kita membandingkannya dengan negeri lain. Pembelajaran memanglah sudah jadi penopang dalam tingkatkan pangkal energi orang Indonesia buat pembangunan bangsa. Oleh sebab itu, kita sepatutnya bisa tingkatkan pangkal energi orang Indonesia yang bukan takluk bersaing dengan pangkal energi orang di negara- negara lain.

Sehabis kita lihat, terlihat nyata kalau permasalahan yang sungguh- sungguh dalam kenaikan kualitas pembelajaran di Indonesia merupakan rendahnya kualitas pembelajaran di bermacam tahapan pembelajaran, bagus pembelajaran resmi ataupun informal. Serta perihal seperti itu yang menimbulkan rendahnya kualitas pembelajaran yang membatasi penyediaan pangkal energi menusia yang memiliki kemampuan serta keahlian buat penuhi pembangunan bangsa di bermacam aspek.

Mutu pembelajaran Indonesia yang kecil itu pula ditunjukkan informasi Balitbang( 2003) kalau dari 146. 052 SD di Indonesia nyatanya cuma 8 sekolah aja yang menemukan pengakuan bumi dalam jenis The Primary Years Program( PYP). Dari 20. 918 SMP di Indonesia nyatanya pula cuma 8 sekolah yang menemukan pengakuan bumi dalam jenis The Middle Years Program( MYP) serta dari 8. 036 SMA nyatanya cuma 7 sekolah aja yang menemukan pengakuan bumi dalam jenis The Akta Program( DP).

Pemicu rendahnya kualitas pembelajaran di Indonesia antara lain merupakan permasalahan efektifitas, kemampuan serta pembakuan pengajaran. Perihal itu sedang jadi permasalahan pembelajaran di Indonesia pada biasanya. Ada pula kasus spesial dalam bumi pembelajaran ialah:

  • ( 1). Rendahnya alat raga,
  • ( 2). Rendahnya mutu guru,
  • ( 3). Rendahnya keselamatan guru,
  • ( 4). Rendahnya hasil anak didik,
  • ( 5). Rendahnya peluang pemerataan pembelajaran,
  • ( 6). Rendahnya relevansi pembelajaran dengan keinginan,
  • ( 7). Mahalnya bayaran pembelajaran.

Permasalahan- permasalahan yang itu di berdasarkan hendak jadi materi pembahasan dalam artikel yang bertajuk“ Rendahnya Mutu Pembelajaran di Indonesia” ini.

B. Kesimpulan Masalah

  • 1. Gimana identitas pembelajaran di Indonesia?
  • 2. Gimana mutu pembelajaran di Indonesia?
  • 3. Apa aja yang jadi pemicu rendahnya mutu pembelajaran di Indonesia?
  • 4. Gimana pemecahan yang bisa dikasih dari permasalahan- permasalahan pembelajaran di Indonesia?

C. Tujuan Penulisan

  • 1. Mendefinisikan identitas pembelajaran di Indonesia.
  • 2. Mendefinisikan mutu pembelajaran di Indonesia dikala ini.
  • 3. Mendefinisikan keadaan yang jadi pemicu rendahnya kualitas pembelajaran di Indonesia.
  • 4. Mendefinisikan pemecahan yang bisa dikasih dari permasalahan- permasalahan pembelajaran di Indonesia.

D. Khasiat Penulisan

  • 1. Untuk Pemerintah

Dapat dijadikan bagaikan persembahan dalam tingkatkan mutu pembelajaran di Indonesia.

  • 2. Untuk Guru

Dapat dijadikan bagaikan referensi dalam membimbing supaya para partisipan didiknya bisa berprestasi lebih bagus pada waktu yang hendak tiba.

  • 3. Untuk Mahasiswa

Dapat dijadikan Pendidikan bagaikan materi amatan berlatih dalam bagan tingkatkan hasil diri pada spesialnya serta tingkatkan mutu pembelajaran pada biasanya.