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Cara Tanoto Foundation Supports Education in Kendal

Cara Tanoto Foundation Supports Education in Kendal

Cara Tanoto Foundation Supports Education in Kendal

The Tanoto Foundation is an independent philanthropic organization supported to advance the field of education in Indonesia since 1981.

Working closely with the government and partners, one of the Tanoto programs is in Kendal District, Central Java, schools, teachers, students to parents.

Haviez Gautama, Director of Communication at the Tanoto Foundation, told that in implementing the Tanoto Foundation program it was not CSR (corporate social responsibility).

“Our program is not CSR because it does not use company operational funds and is managed independently and separately from business activities,” he said.

Smart Program, is a program that teaches an education system that invites students to be active in discussions with parents at home or teachers.

Not only the lessons that discuss the discussion system, but the problem of damage to the school is also a material that discusses the discussion between the school and parents. This also answered the questions from the House of Representatives Commission X.

Program for Implementing Movers (POP)
Haviez Gautama explained, the Tanoto Foundation was chosen by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia to be one of the implementers of the Program for Mobilization Organizations (POP).

However, the Tanoto Foundation did not receive funding from the government and paid in full the Smart Mover Program with an investment of more than Rp50 billion for a two-year period (2020-2022).

“The selection process was carried out on 324 proposals from 260 CBOs, in which 183 proposals were selected from 156 CBOs,” he added.

Through the PINTAR Movers Program, the Tanoto Foundation will work to develop teaching capacity in 260 pilot schools (160 elementary schools and 100 junior high schools) in four districts, namely Kampar (Riau), Muaro Jambi (Jambi), Tegal (Central Java) and West Kutai (East Kalimantan).

“In Central Java in 2019 Tanoto has conducted a Smart program in Kendal Regency. And the results, now can be seen immediately, “he added.