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No Need A Recipe Book, 4 Cook This Application Makes You Good in the Kitchen

The digital world is growing rapidly. Anything can be done with increasingly modern technology. You can access everything you need with current technology. For sports, for example, this activity can be supported by applications that can calculate your steps when jogging in the morning.

Everything is so easy, nomor matter about food. If current modern technology can make you instruksi food without having to come to a restaurant, you can also cook your own kesukaan food through recipes you get on your ponsel pintar.

If in the past our mothers and grandmothers relied on recipe books or tabloids, now you dont need them anymore. Only with the help of the application on your cellphone, you can find many recipes both local and outdoor.

You can unduh this application for gratis on your Android or iOS cellphone. Here are 4 successful recipe application Liputan6. com summarized from various sources, Friday.

CookPad is a cooking application that has been supported into Indonesian today. The Indonesian version of Cookpad currently has more than 120 thousand home cooking recipes.

For those World Health Organization like to cook, you can also write your own recipes, including your kesukaan menu. Later, your recipe can be a cheat for other users World Health KWITANGKOST Organization want to practice it.

This application has four bermain features including Recipe, Cookmark, Recook, and Statistics. For Recipes, contain recipes that you make in Cookpad.

Whereas Cookmark is a storage place for recipes from kesukaan authors. You can simpan it by giving the Cookmark located at the bottom of the recipe.

The Recook feature is used if you want to show appreciation to the recipe writer World Health Organization has inspired you. Finally, you can see statistics on the development of recipes such as the number of times visited, cookmark, printed, and recook.

You can unduh this application for gratis melalui your Android or iOS cellphone. How to use the application is also quite easy. After downloading, you can register an email, then mulai exploring the various recipes in it.

You must have thought what you want to cook today. Indeed, sometimes choosing a food menu can make you confused. Nevertheless, the Cook What application makes it easy for users to find food recipes.

This application can be downloaded for gratis on Google Play. This application made by PT Agranet Multicitra Siberkom presents many recipes and daily cooking panduan, including for breaking the fast.

Users can also simpan these recipes and access them again even if the internet is offline. To facilitate the search for kesukaan recipes, users can select the search button in navigation.

The only way is to type the name of the recipe you want to try. One of the senang things about the Cook What app, is that the application always presents new recipes every day that can inspire users to try them.