Cheers Children Are Not Solely Schooling

Cheers Children Are Not Solely Schooling

Cheers Children Are Not Solely Schooling

A friend of mine who lives in Kalimantan complained about the quality of schools in his city, which for him was not good. “Do I need to send school children to Java?” he asked me. I asked, “Who will cheer up your son as long as he lives in Java?”

For many people, the child’s care is to put them in school. Good upgrading means putting children in a good school, also known as a favorite school. Until, parents are willing to leave their children to other places, so they create a good upgrading, another nickname creates a good school.

Is that something that is not good alternative? Not. It just raises a matter of responsibility for upgrading children. When our children are entrusted to others, then what is our role like parents in their education?

Upgrading the child is the responsibility of parents. I suspect no one is against this view. After that, what is the role of the school? School, for me, is just an institution that helps each parent cheerfully. The role of parents remains meaningful. Do not be narrowed down, as if the school plays a significant role, as a result parents can be free to hand when they put their children in school.

That is, if there is no good school, or the existing school is not soothing, parents actually have to fit the deficiency with their role. With that principle, until there are some adults who choose not to send their children to legal school, it is enough to take upgrading with the procedures for homeschooling.

I do not go through the procedure of homeschooling, but putting myself up like a movie star means upgrading children. In Regarding academic studies, I participated and immediately taught my children various lessons they could at school. I help children to understand better, when they are having difficulty understanding the material recommended at school. There is a part that I set right, when the concept that the teachers recommend for me is wrong. There is also a part that I add, make enrichment on the material that has been recommended.

That kind of thing should be tried by parents. If the school is enough to meet the wishes of our children, until we live to enrich it. But when we think schools do not meet, until we have to fulfill them. If necessary, we must take meaningful roles in teaching the academic modules.

Upgrading is certainly not just a matter of academic material. The subject matter is in fact only a very small part of our whole nursery section. More meaningful than that is the making of character, a kind of consistent and sturdy, orderly, clean, reluctant and noble to others, and similar. Some of that will, of course, we can expect to be fulfilled by the school. But once again, the most role in its formation must exist in parents.

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