1. PDF (Portable Document Format)
PDF (Portable Document Format)

The PDF format is widely known. This digital format of the book is also easily made with programs that you normally use. For example, by using Microsoft Office 2007. PDF file formats are also easily opened by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader or FoxIt Reader application.
But unfortunately, the text in some PDF file formats cannot change with the small screen size. For example, if the PDF format is opened using the Kindle, Sony Reader or iPhone. When forced, the reader must enlarge the display of a digital book or use scroll right and left to be able to read lines of text.

2. EPub (Electronic Publication)
EPub (Electronic Publication)

This format is the standard format used for digital books. Today, ePub is growing in popularity and has been supported by many devices. The ePub format can be opened with a variety of eReader devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Sony Reader and several other devices. In addition, the ePub format can also be opened on a variety of operating systems with the help of certain applications.
The advantages of this digital book format are its relatively small size and dynamic page display. This format is able to adjust to the screen size of the device that displays it and is equipped with a table of contents that makes it easy for readers to access.

3. DjVu

This digital format of the book is devoted to scanned documents. The advantage of the DjVu format is that it can store and display the results of scans with high resolution (300-400 DPI). In addition, the resulting file size is also relatively small even though it consists of many images in it. DjVu file size is even smaller than JPEG file format with the same quality.
To open files in DjVu format on a PC (Personal Computer) or eReader device, supporting applications such as the DjView, Ocular or Evince applications for Linux, VuDroid for Android, and Stanza for iPhone / iPad are needed.

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