Near 1 Million Students Access Free Ruangguru Online School

Near 1 Million Students Access Free Ruangguru Online School

Near 1 Million Students Access Free Ruangguru Online School

More than 1 million students use online training facilities through the Ruangguru Free Online School on Monday, March 16, 2020. Where Free Ruangguru Online School  is the beginning day for students to practice at home.

The training campaign at home is compatible with the guidance of the Head of State’s father Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and the local authorities in dealing with the health problems of Covid-19.

As a result, the Ruangguru application also topped level 1 Google Play Store from millions of applications in Indonesia – beating other well-known applications such as WhatsApp and TikTok.

“Millions of students whose learning routines do not run in schools throughout the Corona Virus health department want to entrust our practice modules. Hopefully we can then introduce solutions to more students, “said the initiator and Chief Chairman of Ruangguru,

Belva Devara, Wednesday (18 or 3 or 2020).

The Ruangguru Online School Initiative was also welcomed positively by students as young as their age. In fact Ruangguru has an Online School program. Yesterday, they were very enthusiastic in learning, because they didn’t need to look for modules themselves. The lesson agenda is also real so you can find out what you want to practice and if, “said Ratih, aged 1 and 5 elementary school students in Jakarta.


The Banyuwangi Regent and the Ordinary Chairperson of the All Indonesia Regency Ruling Federation (APKASI) Abdullah Azwar Anas also appreciated this Ruangguru initiative by appealing to Regency Governors in Indonesia to use the Ruangguru Free Online School.

“What Ruangguru is trying is not just a gimmick, Free Ruangguru Online School but an efficient method for conditioning children to always practice at home in the wisdom of transferring the place of learning at this time. Moreover, my own son also practiced at home with the Ruangguru application this morning, “Anas said.

Free Ruangguru Online School, Ruangguru’s form and effort in responding to the training challenges experienced by students in Indonesia in the midst of the health problems of COVID-19, provide remote distance training students online (live teaching) every Monday to Friday, such as school sort of prevalent, in the Ruangguru application.

Students can explore the upgrading of Ruangguru Free Online Schools from 08.00 – 12.00 WIB, where there will be 15 live teaching channels covering all subjects in accordance with the national curriculum, starting from category 1 elementary school to 12th grade high school (Natural Sciences and Social Sciences ), led by Ruangguru Teachers Experts.

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