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Become an Email Marketing Expert”. This ebook is the first MTARGET released. You will find the basic things to know before using email marketing for business. Starting from what is email marketing, why email marketing, to the steps in starting email marketing. You can unduh the ebook here. KWITANGKOST

Get to Know Digital Marketing”. As a term that is often heard, not a few people World Health Organization still do not understand what digital marketing is. This ebook is released with the hope to help you better understand what digital marketing is, its benefits for business and what needs to be considered so that digital marketing is able to provide maximum results for businesses. You can unduh the ebook here.

Each MTARGET Ebook has konten that is mutually sustainable from one another. We are committed to continuing to release Ebooks around the topic of digital marketing every month to help you understand and build strong marketing strategies. So, what are you waiting for, unduh all the Ebooks right now. Ebook 02″ Basics of an Email Newsletter”. In this Ebook you will get guidance on how to create a good newsletter to always keep in touch with customers and when the right day to send it. You can unduh the ebook here.