As we know, every nation has a history of struggles from former people named after many nationalist, patriotic values ​​and so on which at that time were closely attached to every soul of its citizens. Website PUSAT BOLA Terpercaya , Along with the times and technological advances are increasingly rapid, these values ​​are increasingly lost from oneself in a nation, therefore it is necessary to learn to maintain these values ​​so that they continue to be united in every citizen so that every citizen knows rights and obligations in carrying out the life of the nation and state.

Citizenship education is education that reminds us of the importance of the rights and craftsmanship of a citizen so that everything that is done is in accordance with the aims and ideals of the nation and does not deviate from what is expected. Because of its important value, this education has been applied from an early age in every educational arena starting from the earliest to the tertiary institutions so that the successors of the nation are competent and ready to live the life of the nation and state

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